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Geology is essential for understanding the world we live in. It provides crucial insights into the history of our planet and the forces that have shaped it. Geologists study how rocks formed and how they have changed over time, providing invaluable information about the Earth’s evolution. There is a wealth of knowledge to be gained by studying the materials that make up our planet. These materials can provide insights into both past and future development. Many of these materials require special storage conditions in order to preserve them for study.

No matter what type of geological specimens you need to store, our team of experienced local consultants has the perfect solution for you. The Spacesaver 920 Series: Preservation Cabinet is designed to offer a unique combination of versatility and strength, with a reconfigurable interior that can accommodate a wide range of materials and samples. This makes it the perfect choice for any professional geologist.


Versatility Built In For Geology Storage

Museums, archives, and libraries rely on the Spacesaver 920 Series: Preservation Cabinet to protect their valuable geology collections. This cabinet features a sturdy, modular exterior and interchangeable interior panels that create ideal preservation conditions. Perfect for long-term storage of art collections, geological specimens, natural history collections, anthropology collections, and more, the Spacesaver 920 Series: Preservation Cabinet is a must-have for any institution committed to preserving its treasures.

Geology Storage Cabinets


Geological specimens need to be stored in a way that is accessible and functional for scientists to examine them carefully. Some pieces are less stable than others, so handling them too much can damage them. To help with this, Spacesaver offers 920 Series cabinets in different widths, depths, and heights, so users can store items efficiently while still having a functional countertop.

Geology Drawers


The 920 Series Preservation Cabinets from Spacesaver are versatile and allow users to customize their work environment to promote efficiency. For some users, this requires the ability to see specimens without having to remove them from their location. To better support these users, Spacesaver provides an optional UV-coated glass that protects collections and allows for visual inspection.


No matter what type of storage space you need, Spacesaver has the perfect accessories to fit your requirements. Our 920 Series: Preservation Cabinets are made of heavy-duty steel and are designed to prevent damage from agents of deterioration. With a variety of clips, inserts, seals, and vents, the 920 Series’ accessories ensure that your collections are stored properly and efficiently, with the flexibility to adapt as needed.

Geology Safety

Interior flexibility

Customizable interiors that can be adapted over time to suit your changing needs. Cabinet shelves and accessories can be swapped out and reconfigured as your collection grows. Choose from a variety of drawer, shelf, and hanging rod options to create the perfect storage solution for you.


Exterior Strength

At Spacesaver, we pride ourselves on manufacturing high-quality, durable products that can withstand the rigors of everyday use. Our museum cabinets are made in the USA from heavy-gauge steel and feature reinforced welded construction. Closed-cell gaskets and our three-point latching system help keep dust and other contaminants at bay, while the non-off-gassing powder-coat paint finish provides lasting durability and a clean look.

Geology Features

It’s more than a cabinet. It’s a commitment.

Investing in a cabinet from us means investing in quality – all of our products are made in the USA from heavy-duty steel. The Spacesaver 920 Series is designed to withstand even the most extreme conditions and offers complete flexibility.

We understand that coordinating with tradespeople and other vendors can be difficult, which is why we offer seamless customer service and the products are manufactured under one roof. If you need assistance with project planning, product installation, or maintenance and service, our experts will work closely with your local distributor to ensure your satisfaction.

Contact us today for help with your geology storage needs.

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