Fine Art Storage

Fine Art Storage

Here are some of benefits Spacesaver Storage Solutions’  museum fine art storage options:

  • Ability to store all shapes and sizes of Fine Art and materials
  • Protect integrity of collections
  • Ensure conservation while offering accessibility
  • Optimize use of space

Spacesaver Storage offers products with features developed exclusively for museums:

  • Powered and Mechanical Assist high-density mobile storage systems (soft start and soft stop, programmable opening and closing, integrated lighting, smooth progressive movement)
  • Cabinets (paint finish without emanation, sealed and removable doors, sliding trays and drawers, mountable on high-density carriages)
  • Textile racks (for all weight and length of rolls)
  • Art racks (vibration absorber, double mesh, easy and smooth movement)

Spacesaver offers safety features which meet high performance criteria

  • Security for the users
  • Protection of collections
  • Active and passive safety systems
  • Mechanical or electrical automatic locking systems
  • Toe Level and Zero Force Sensors

Spacesaver is the market leader in providing storage systems to museums, art galleries, historical societies and archives.

Here are some recommended solutions for the most frequent storage situations faced in regard to storage of Fine Art. Stretched and framed artwork is supposed to be put on racks that allows air to flow freely. Paper artwork which is unframed can be put in flat file drawers lined with museum board which can prevent mechanical damage. The museum board protects against acids in wooden drawers. Paper artwork can be stacked if the pieces are isolated from each other with pH neutral slip-sheets.  If you’re afraid that insects might harm your artwork, metal flat file drawers are the best. Wooden drawers are recommended when the primary concern is humidity .

Spacesaver Museum Storage Solutions are designed with the collection care.  This is arguably the most important undertaking for museums of any size.  As collections continue to grow, efficient use of storage space and optimum convenience and control over the collection have become the primary needs in today’s preservation strategy.

Displaying and storing fine art in a unique, modern way can be difficult, especially with large collections. That’s why we partnered with Spacesaver, the market leader in providing fine art museum storage systems. Spacesaver’s art racks can store twice as many works as traditional storage. They have a steel mesh design and are double-faced, which allows galleries and museums to hang artwork on both sides of the rack without interference. In addition, they are versatile and secure.

You can also choose to have your art racks applied to a floor-mounted high-density system where the panels would move on high-density mobile carriages, or on a ceiling-mounted hand-controlled manual system called the Hang Glider Pro, to provide the ultimate storage density. The ceiling-mounted option maximizes your space to its full ability with panels being suspended by a roller mechanism that allows the panels to roll in and out easily and close together.

Both art rack systems create a more efficient way to organize your fine art museum storage. Whether your art is on display or in storage, or both, our art racks will maximize space and convenience with a smooth and easy operational system.

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