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End-to-end security solutions for hard drives and other sensitive materials.

Secure evidence storage is essential for police departments, law enforcement agencies, businesses and hospitals alike. Our evidence lockers offer a reliable solution to facilitate the transfer of critical information from responding officers to court proceedings. By entrusting our secure solutions with your sensitive material, you can rest assured that your data remains private and protected.

From their various capacities to their striking visual appeal, data storage lockers are an ideal way to transfer and store hard drives, evidence, and other confidential materials securely.  Highly professional in nature, these solutions offer maximum safety for your sensitive belongings.


Evidence lockers provide end-to-end security anywhere it’s needed.



The high-end “pass-through” lockers recently installed at our data center are the perfect solution for keeping hard drives secure and organised. Featuring multiple locking doors on the front to ensure only authorized personnel can access them, and a large mesh door at the back for easy technician access to all compartments, these lockers provide an ideal professional storage solution.

Data centers and other businesses use evidence lockers for the safe handling of confidential material. This ensures a secure transfer of possession and provides peace of mind that sensitive information is being managed with professionalism.



ER Evidence Lockers

Hospitals rely on secure storage solutions, like evidence lockers, to preserve victims’ clothing and evidence near their Emergency Department. To ensure that biological materials are kept in optimal conditions, refrigerated compartments are often incorporated into these systems. Healthcare staff can then have the peace of mind that these sensitive items will be handled with professional care.

The preservation of a rigorous chain of custody is essential for the success of any criminal case. To ensure that evidence is documented and safeguarded properly, hospital staff must be prepared to collect, document and store it accordingly. This is where specialized evidence lockers come into play; they are required in health care facilities such as emergency rooms to help protect the integrity of evidence collected from crime victims.

Emergency Room Locker

The Emergency Room is in need of a secure storage closet that only select SANE staff have access to. This space will provide easily accessible storage for medical supplies and essential materials, such as Spacesaver evidence lockers and mobile examination carts. All keys must remain with the specially trained SANE nurses who are under the supervision of the supervisor.

SANE nurses are professionally trained to provide specialized care for sexual assault victims and are equipped with necessary state-supplied kits to efficiently collect evidence. Samples of bodily fluids such as blood are placed in a refrigerated locker, while swabs are dried and stored in boxes in non-refrigerated compartments. For clothing that must be preserved as evidence, the nurse will bag it and store it with the associated kit. If charges have been pressed within a week of the emergency room visit, police officers retrieve the evidence from the facility; whereas if no charges have been laid within a timeframe of one week, then SANE supervisors forward the evidence to the relevant crime lab for further analysis.


We take pride in providing outstanding professional service to our customers. Our team is highly committed to ensuring that your experience with us exceeds all expectations. We go the extra mile to ensure your satisfaction and look forward to working with you.



Spacesaver Storage Solutions offers an array of evidence lockers that can be tailored to your exact needs. Choose from a range of classic and custom colors, along with numerous door sizes and configurations, such as “pass-through” or “non-pass-through”. With Spacesaver, you get professional quality and unparalleled craftsmanship.

Custom Evidence Locker

Secure and reliable storage solutions are essential for keeping evidence safe until it is received by a property room employee – regardless of when it arrives.

Invest in Spacesaver’s evidence lockers for the ultimate security of your short-term evidence storage. Our system ensures that each piece of evidence is carefully ‘bagged and tagged’ so that it can’t be accessed until the proper personnel arrive. We also provide convenient “pass-back” or “push-back” lockers, which allow officers to easily collect already stored evidence for court appearances or better labeling and packaging. With our help, you can trust that your chain of custody remains secure.

We have the perfect solution for your evidence storage needs! Our evidence lockers come with a variety of features and options, tailored to fit exactly what you’re looking for. From a range of compartment sizes that can house any type of evidence, to refrigerated compartments built into your bank of lockers- we want to help make sure you find the right locker for your department!


Refrigerated Evidence Lockers for Biological Sample Storage

We offer the optimal solution for secured and temperature-controlled biological evidence storage with our available refrigerated evidence lockers. Our large and small sized units are designed to maintain a steady range of 38 to 42 degrees Fahrenheit, ensuring your evidence is held in pristine condition. Furthermore, these lockers can also be integrated into existing non-refrigerated or pass-thru locker systems, providing the same performance, reliability and security as our other standard models.


For reliable biological sample storage, Spacesaver offers the perfect solution. Each refrigerator is outfitted with a digital alarm to alert users if the temperature falls outside of its preset parameters. The lockable inserts are conveniently interchangeable and easily accommodate various sizes of evidence containers for both immediate and archival purposes. Professional DNA preservation is essential for successful cases— make sure your valuable samples are in good hands!


Spacesaver’s evidence lockers are designed to ensure the security and preservation of any sensitive items, no matter where you need them installed or how they should look. Our professional solutions guarantee that your materials remain safe and secure. Contact us to have our consultant assess your space and explain your options for free.


Contact us today for help with your evidence storage needs.

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