Does your business have temporary storage needs? Our day use modular lockers may fit the bill.  We can help you provide protected storage for one cycle, or one person with resetting features.

We can help you provide temporary storage.  People are on the go, and they take plenty of stuff with them.   Have you considered the needs of public and academic libraries, colleges and universities, healthcare facilities, athletic and fitness centers and municipal buildings ?  They have visitors, students, staff and guests on a regular basis and need to provide them a temporary and secure way to store their belongings.  Our day use lockers are the ideal solution for these settings.

We provide multiple lock options.   We know that combination locks don’t make sense for temporary storage, there are a variety of other lock options that work including: hasp, digilock, coin, and keyed locks.

Our day lockers use modular construction.  Spacesaver Storage Solutions day use lockers come in a variety of finishes, sizes and configurations that can be customized to fit your space. They are a fashionable and flexible solution to your day use storage needs.

Day Use Modular Lockers – the temporary and secure place to store your stuff. The Blox Day Use Lockers as part of the Unbound Collection serve as the building blocks for the agile work space you want, combined with the storage you need. enhance the aesthetics and experience of your brand. Integrate storage into the construction of our space to maximize square footage, and provide meaningful and convenient storage built in to the perimeter or your floor plan.


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