Creating an Inviting Home Base With Police Lockers

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FreeStyle Personal Storage Lockers are the customizable and secure way to provide comfort and quality to public safety locker rooms.

As you know,  law enforcement personnel often face a strenuous environment—and doing small things to make them feel appreciated can go a long way. We’ve found a way to do that in an unlikely place—your department’s locker rooms.

Locker Customization

For many police officers around the USA, a personal storage locker is “home base”—a place where they can keep personal and professional items safe and secure.

The FreeStyle® Personal Storage Locker is built in a variety of different sizes in order to fit in any locker room. They come in varying heights measured in 1” increments in order to take advantage of available vertical space.

We offer a wide variety of accessories like bins, compartments, garment hooks, and drawers. You can customize easily.  This allows each officer to securely store uniforms, equipment, weapons, bullet-proof vests, and their personal items.

The lockers also come in a wide variety of finishes to give the locker room a sleek and aesthetically pleasing appearance that suits the department’s style. They can also be customized with shields, logos, crests, or other graphics to make the locker room truly unique.

Do your officers need better personal storage lockers?

Need More Space?

Did you add more personnel to your department and need to increase the storage available in your locker rooms?  Addressing your concerns might take a little more work than a simple retrofit. For these situations, our storage experts have worked with departments to create floor plans that can maximize space in an existing footprint.


two tie lockers

One way to increase the number of lockers in a current footprint is to consider tiered lockers with smaller openings, as not all personnel need full-sized lockers. In this solution, smaller “two-tier” lockers allow for an increase in the number of lockers in the same footprint and still retain the necessary ADA clearances.


Another way to accommodate an increase in personnel is to reconsider locker room seating. When a department needed to add additional lockers and increase the size of those lockers, it had to omit the locker room’s freestanding benches. To create seating, retractable breadboard locker benches were created. Being able to retract the bench into the locker bases reduced the depth of each locker by 12″—making it possible to obtain the necessary number of lockers without having to give up seating.

Comfort and Convenience


Sweaty and smelly uniforms are no fun for anyone and can create an unpleasant locker room environment, so slats or diamond perforated locker options are available to allow for natural air flow, or the locker bank can be integrated into the building’s HVAC system for even better drying.



Venting Lockers

The time of your officers and other public safety personnel is precious—and when they need to move quickly, the lat thing they need is to be held up by gear that isn’t immediately accessible. In these situations, duty bag lockers are an ideal way to create a secure storage space for this equipment while keeping it out of locker rooms and other spaces.



Public safety officers often carry their own personal electronic devices as well as duty devices that need to stay charged during the day. FreeStyle Personal Storage Lockers can come with a modular electronic component that allows for mobile devices and other electronics to charge in the locker itself.

While it may not seem like something as simple as secure locker storage could contribute to an increase in a police department’s morale, that’s exactly what the FreeStyle lockers have done.



When you’re ready to design a new or renovate your existing locker room, contact us for free insights into the planning and design process. We can answer your questions and suggest layouts to optimize your space. There’s no cost and no obligation, so take the first step today!  Contact us today.


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