College Mail Rooms

Universities Face Issues with Student’s Mail & Package Delivery

On campus college student package delivery can be a nightmare.  College students are among the largest groups of online shoppers, causing huge spikes in packages to manage. College package delivery is difficult to manage since they do not fit in a typical college mailbox.

Storage Challenges in Campus Mailrooms

As online shopping has grown in popularity over the past decade, campus mailrooms and dormitories have been increasingly overwhelmed with shipments from retailers to students. Spaces were designed to store letters and small packages now need to accommodate boxes that contain everything from clothing to electronics to appliances and furnishings.

The resulting space crunch has led to frustration for staff and students. Boxes can pile up, leading to disorganization and long wait times.

How this Campus Optimized Mailroom Storage

Many staff at university’s mailroom decided they needed to make a fundamental change. The time-consuming effort of finding packages is not only frustrating for employees.  It leads to poor customer service experiences for students. Staff are also worried about liability issues that arise if packages were lost or stolen.



Saved Money by using Existing Shelving

Improved Efficiency

Increased Storage Capacity with Mobile Shelves

Improved Morale and Customer Service


Increasing Storage Capacity

Spacesaver ActivRAC® Mobilized Storage System forms the core of the new proposed room layout. Spacesaver can help a  university save money by using the mailroom’s existing heavy-duty shelving and mounting it on ActivRAC “carriages” that move along rails to eliminate wasted space in the aisles. Ergonomic handles allow staff to open aisles at the point of need, and mechanical-assist handles allow staff to move thousands of pounds with minimal effort.

The ActivRAC system will increase the mailroom’s storage capacity, improve organization and efficiency, improve customer service, and boost staff morale. Staff can do their work safely and more efficiently, and customer wait times will dramatically decrease.

University mailrooms face a myriad of problems.  The first problem is students running late to pick up his or her packages.  Next, are long waiting lines.  Then, a greater amount of packages and mail at the beginning of terms and around the holiday.  The final problem is the limited storage space.  If a student’s package is unsecured, it might get damaged or stolen, which is not a problem you want for your college.

Spacesaver Storage Solutions can provide your university with mail services lockers.   Students can retrieve their mail without causing any more issues. The locker system simplifies delivery by allowing students to decide the date and time of pick up. The lockers help increase the package delivery to the students. They can also decrease the amount of employees to deliver packages, and increase customer satisfaction.

The 4 easy steps of University Mail & College Student Package Delivery Processing:

  1. A mail services staff member processes packages and mail addressed to the student.
  2. Next, it’s placed in a locker.
  3. Automatically, a text and/or e-mail is sent to the student with the locker bank location and a unique, random PIN number.
  4. The student comes to the locker bank, types in the PIN on the touch screen, the correct locker opens, and the student retrieves their delivery.

All activities are tracked and logged, allowing easy confirmation and accountability.

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