Cold Storage for Vaccines and Test Kits

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Gain capacity with high-density storage systems from Spacesaver.

Need to optimize every cubic inch of your cold storage space? We can help increase capacity in new or existing walk-in coolers, freezers, and cold storage warehouses, and we have decades of experience in highly regulated healthcare settings and pharmaceutical manufacturing environments. Cold storage for vaccines and test kits is a priority.

Make the Most of Cold Space

Improve efficiency in freezers and coolers with Spacesaver high-density storage systems.

Maximize Storage Volume

Eliminate wasted space to gain capacity in your existing cold room or warehouse.

Save Energy

A full freezer is an efficient freezer. Maximize density to save energy.

Cut Costs

Consolidate storage to save staff time and reduce utility bills.

Improve Inventory Control

With 100% selectivity and full visibility, our systems simplify inventory control and facilitate compliance.

Keep it clean

Maintain a clean, organized environment with stainless steel and antimicrobial coating options.

Cold Storage Info Sheet

Want info on load capacity, temperature criteria, and more?



Traditional shelving or racking wastes space in every aisle. Wasted space leads to wasted resources, so we help you fill up those empty aisles and put them to work.

How do we do it? The ActivRAC® Mobilized Storage System mounts shelving or racking on “carriages” that slide along rails in the floor. This eliminates wasted space and consolidates stored items into a smaller space.

Store more vaccines, test samples, or supplies and equipment.

Proven Performance

See how we’ve helped cold storage facilities consolidate and condense storage for maximum efficiency.

6X Increase in COVID Testing Capacity

To support the supplies and materials required to support a six-fold increase COVID testing capacity, Spacesaver provided three compact mobile shelving systems to this 30,000-square-foot lab: one system for materials management and two for storing test kits in refrigerated rooms.

Freezers on Mobile Systems

Need to store lots of cold boxes? We offer robust solutions for warehouse pallet racking, or see how this manufacturing firm mounted chest freezers on a single level.

Doubled Storage Capacity in Cold Warehouse

After considering all the options, executives at the world’s largest composite manufacturing facility determined that installing Spacesaver’s ActivRAC system would be the most cost-effective option.

Optimal Efficiency in Pathology Lab’s Walk-In Cooler

We work with pathology labs to reduce retrieval times and get patients’ test results faster.

Call us today about your cold storage for vaccines and test kits.

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