Business Day Lockers

In today’s business world, many companies are implementing creative work spaces, open office layouts and office hoteling. Companies are utilizing day lockers for their employees. Business office day lockers are also ideal for commercial and residential workspaces; these stylish lockers utilize identification technology to take employee organization and security to the next level.

In addition to corporate use, business office day lockers can also be used for offices, board and meeting rooms, and employee break and changing spaces within healthcare , government, public safety, library, and education environments.

Business owners are choosing business office day lockers for employee-accessible storage. Day lockers can feature durable laminate cabinetry in various colors and hardware options to compliment your office design.

With the help of the storage experts at Spacesaver Storage Solutions, day lockers can be configured and customized into various widths, depths, and heights, fitting seamlessly into your current space.

The way people interact with space is evolving. Spaces is  at a premium in flexible workplaces, libraries, and other collaborative environments.  Secure personal storage helps save space and promote peace of mind. Now, we can talk about how day lockers are a good solution.

Day Use Lockers are a smart solution for any open office, library, clinic, or other setting. With a sturdy steel frame wrapped in a sleek design, these personal storage can be customized to complement any environment. Next,  lets discuss the creative work space.

Creative Workplace Design

There is an increased demand for alternative workstations and flexible work environments. Companies are designing more shared spaces for collaborative work. Square footage is still at a premium.  That’s why our day use lockers and other practical design elements can be integrated into modular “blocks” that save space and serve multiple functions.

Give employees designated space in flexible offices.

Three of the Most Popular Groupings

The first in the locker wall.

Locker Wall  – Turn unused wall space into productive storage. Mix and match finishes and door sizes to create a custom look.

The second option is the locker partition.

Locker Partition

Lockers embedded in free-standing walls serve as room dividers while also storing personal belongings. Third is the locker island workplace solution.

Locker Island

Serving three functions in one, islands provide a counter-height work surface as well as storage and seating.

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