Baseball Team Equipment Storage

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Team Sports are beginning to be played again. Now is the time to organize your equipment rooms, Designing an effective baseball equipment storage area for high school, college, and professional teams can be tough. Not only do equipment managers need to store the usual uniforms and apparel that are common to all sports teams, but they also need to store odd-sized items that are unique to baseball, like chest protectors, bats, and other gear.

The Challenge
Designing a New Baseball Equipment Room
When this state university received funding to renovate and expand its baseball facilities, the equipment manager asked the nearby Spacesaver consultant to help optimize space in the new equipment room. The program needed storage for baseball uniforms, shoes, and hats, as well as a way to store bulky gear like catchers’ masks and chest protectors.

The Solution
Secure, Customized Compact Shelving
The consultant designed Spacesaver shelving and mobile systems to store more gear in less space, and he specified tambour doors to roll down to keep gear secure. He worked with the architects’ plans to design systems that fit under low-hanging ductwork and plumbing.

EZ Rail for storing Chest protectors 

Compartments Keep Hats Organized

Widespan Shelving Holds More Shoe Boxes


Locking Roll-down Doors Keep Gear Secure


The Result
Optimized Baseball Equipment Storage

The result is a clean, well-organized equipment room that streamlines workflows, keeps gear secure, and helps equipment managers get players and coaches everything they need, when they need it.  Call use today to organize your athletic equipment!

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