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With more than 100 collective years of experience and services from planning to installation to maintenance, you can rest assured that your public safety facility, library, museum, office space, industrial warehouse, hospital, or other workspace is optimized for your current and future needs.

Dreaming of more storage space in your current floor plan?
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The traditional stationary storage systems can be an eyesore, and they take up a large amount of floor space. To combat this issue, many businesses opt for a high-density shelving storage system. This mobile storage rack has one or more movable aisles instead of the fixed ones – saving much needed square footage. On average, this option will save you 50% in floor space! With high-density mobile storage, you can store twice as much within the same area without renovation or expansion – making full use of your vertical space too. Not only would this maximize your capacity per square foot but also result in increased efficiency and employee morale. In short, investing in compact storage is sure to contribute to your organization’s success!

Compacting your space with mobile shelves result in either double the amount of storage in the same space or the same amount of storage in half the space. Which makes more sense for your organization?


Static shelving showing aisles with wasted space


Increase your floor space with Compact mobile shelving


Double your capacity with compact mobile shelving

One Company, Multiple Brands, Myriad Options.

We love a challenge, and with our diverse range of products from Spacesaver, Hanel, Rousseau, TZ, Hamilton, Steel Solutions, And more, we’ll bring you the optimal mix of options for your specific needs and processes.  Whether you need to store parts, files, records, tools, evidence, weapons, packages, or your employees’ or visitors’ personal items,  we have the solution for you.

Storage Solutions for Every Industry

We provide custom storage solutions for a wide range of markets including government agencies, military, universities, offices, healthcare, museums, libraries, hydroponic growers, military, manufacturing, public safety, automotive, and industrial warehouses.

It’s not just about storage.

A more organized, sophisticated, and productive workspace increases employee morale, encourages creativity and collaboration, and essentially improves your bottom line.  We help our clients better manage their time, space, and security.

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